CDS Wildfire Resources

About Wildfire
The proof is in the pudding! See for yourself how the CDS Wildfire Model performs by clicking on the brushfire perimeter maps below. This is a great way to compare what the CDS Wildfire Model labeled as low, medium and high to what actually burned.

These maps show the outlines of recent major fires in California. The maps have the areas that burned overlaid on the CDS wildfire model. As you can see, the CDS wildfire model matches very well! These maps do accurately predict wildfire risks.

*Some downloads may take 2 or 3 minutes to view due to their size.

CDS Wildfire Model Methodology and Statistics
This power point presentation will show you the methodology behind the CDS Wildfire Model, as well as information on where brush is in California, why zip and county lists don’t work and comparisons between Renie Maps and Robinson Rating Guides to the CDS Wildfire Model. To download this presentation, please click on the link below.


CDS Wildfire California Fire Perimeter Maps
To show you how effective the CDS Wildfire Model is, our mapping analysts have created California wildfire perimeter maps, which will show you what burned and compare it to what the CDS Wildfire Model labeled it as (low, medium or high). To download these maps*, please click on any of the links below.


CDS Wildfire Model White Paper
For more information about the CDS Wildfire Model’s features and availability or to see sample reports, please click on the link below.